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viel Liebe zum Detail eingerichteten Doppelzimmern und Apartments. Mit der Verarbeitung edler Materialien wie Schiefer, Weinfass-Holz und Bruchstein eine Liaison von Tradition und Moderne.

Zimmer-Buchung im WeinHotel


This is a surprising hotel - or 'Gasthof' (Guest house), in the small village of Lorch. We were misled by other signs and initially ended up at the owners' house. Look for the brown tourist signs,
NOT the green wine signs. The rooms look newly done, everything in light coloured wood and pale colours. Lovely shower, and comfy bed. Quiet location for a good sleep. The delight was the restaurant.
The family are wine growers, and Mrs is also a superb chef. If she tells you that something is tasty, believe her.I had one of the best trout (locally caught) dishes ever. Husband had the pig cheeks.
So we had a good night's sleep after the superb meal. Not the cheapest place, but quality costs. 


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